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I’m Not So Sure

Nina Torr Nina Torr was born in Johannesburg in 1987 and she teaches illustration at Pretoria’s Open Window Institute. The subjects she depicts seem to exist in similarly indistinct territory “ imaginary, internal landscapes are populated with otherworldly figures and … Read More

The Muse Series – Muse of Comedy

John Moore Muse of Comedy – Muse Series – Wildebeest. Colour woodcut. Due to his childhood experiences, John started to create detailed designs in his work. He enjoys the complexity of fine-line imagery as well as the opportunity to print … Read More

The Muse Series – Lovely Erato

John Moore Lovely Erato – Muse Series – Hartebeest. Colour woodcut. John Moore was introduced to the fauna and flora of Southern Africa at an early age. He remembers his veterinarian father coming home with a menagerie of creatures: rabbits, … Read More

Balinese Girl (1953)

Vladimir Tretchikoff Over the course of his career Tretchikoff had 252 worldwide exhibitions, with a total attendance of about 2 298 000. In 1973, Vladimir Tretchikoff published his autobiography, Pigeons Luck with Anthony Hocking. Balinese Girl was one of the … Read More

Lady From The Orient (1953)

Vladimir Tretchikoff Tretchikoff’s subjects were often inspired by his early life in China, Singpore and Indonesia, and in later life in South Africa. His use of colour was unconventional and he found that people like to have colour in their … Read More

Miss Wong (1953)

Vladimir Tretchikoff His work is among the most reproduced in the world and at one point he was as popular as Picasso and Dali. He exhibited in department stores and was one of the first artists to target “ordinary” people. … Read More

Chinese Girl (1952)

Vladimir Tretchikoff Vladimir Grigoryevich Tretchikoff was one of the most commercially successful artists of the 20th century. Self-taught, his work was popular with the general public but was often seen by art critics as the epitome of kitsch. His famous … Read More

The Gemsbok’s Raiment

A Bushman Story The Gemsbok was a dowdy drab animal, grey in colour and without horns. It lived alongside the Ostrich which was a magnificent beast, having a striking black and white coat, a long neck and a pair of … Read More

Why Does The Hippo Live In Water

An African Folktale A very long time ago in Africa, when all the animals lived together in the bush with the Creator, most animals lived on the land, and only a very few lived in the water. The hot sun … Read More

Why The Warthog Is So Ugly

An African Folktale In the Beginning, the Warthog was the most handsome animal. He knew this, and unfortunately became very vain. As a result, none of the other animals liked him very much. One morning, he left his burrow, and … Read More