The Boma


Bomameaning “Kraal” in Swahili – is an enclosure made from latte sticks. Breathing flames, it reflects memories of the ancient world of Africa.

For centuries people would naturally gather around a fire. The Boma is the perfect place to relax and share the day’s events with family and friends. Light the fire for a braai or a potjie, a South African tradition. Slow cooked on the open coals, a potjie provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy the African Night Sky.

The Tortoise Goes to a Feast in the Sky (African Folktale)

There was a famine in the animal kingdom and Ijapa, the tortoise, was finding that food was hard to come by. However, he found out that all the birds in the forest were preparing for the great annual bird feast in the sky and those who had been lucky enough to attend this annual event could testify to the abundance of food at the feast. Since the feast took place in the sky, only the birds could attend. But Ijapa the tortoise was not one to give up so easily. He went to every bird and borrowed a feather making up one excuse or the other. He glued all these feathers to his back and all over his body and soon, he was the most colorful bird you had ever seen.   Read more

Camp Chairs


Boma Light

Fire Basket


Barbeque Tools

Barbeque Grids

Wood Available @ R28.00 per Bag

Firelighters Available @ R20.00 a Pack

Back-Up Solar Power

Solar based (quiet) power back-up during load shedding. Gas stove and gas geysers. Solar and emergency lighting.

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