The Living Area


The Living Area is spacious has two 2-seater leather couches, 2 large cushions, an indoor fireplace, 52 inch Flat Screen TV and Free Netflix, ShowMax, DSTV Premium and DSTVNow. Here the whole family can relax, read, chat or play board games. Folding wood-framed glass doors opens up to the main deck to let in even more light and air. Spill out to the awe-inspiring main deck where a sun deck, swimming pool and bar await.

Why the Warthog is so Ugly (African Folktale)

In the Beginning, the Warthog was the most handsome animal. He knew this, and unfortunately became very vain. As a result, none of the other animals liked Warthog very much.

One morning, Warthog left his burrow, and wandered off with his tail proudly sticking up in search of food. He passed Porcupine, who had been up all night foraging for food. Porcupine was extremely tired, and wanted to go to sleep, but he still had a long way to go before he reached his home. Porcupine had an idea. Why not nip into Warthog’s burrow and have a quick nap before Warthog returned? So Porcupine went down the burrow and promptly fell asleep.  Read more

Ceiling Fan

Indoor Fireplace

52 inch Flat Screen TV

Board Games

Free Netflix, ShowMax, DSTV Premium and DSTVNow


Game Viewing Vehicle @ R950.00 per Day

Fireplace Guard

Laptop Friendly Workspace

Window Guards

Wood Available @ R28.00 per Bag

Firelighters Available @ R20.00 a Pack

Stair Guard

Back-Up Solar Power

Solar based (quiet) power back-up during load shedding. Gas stove and gas geysers. Solar and emergency lighting.

Free WiFi

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