The Heated Swimming Pool


Splash is In – This stunning splash pool with rim overflow is the perfect cooldown during the hot bushveld days. Surrounded by a wooden deck that joins the main deck, you can soak up the sun in the canvas deck chairs while watching the wildlife drinking water at the Idwala View watering hole. The pool is fitted with a safety net and fence. It is heated to suit the seasons.

Why Does the Hippo Live in Water (African Folktale)

A very long time ago in Africa, when all the animals lived together in the bush with the Creator, most animals lived on the land, and only a very few lived in the water. The hot sun baked the earth every day, and all the animals suffered one way or another. But the animals had strong skins to protect them against the sun, either fur, feathers or scales. Only poor Hippo’s skin was not that strong. As he grew bigger, his skin begin to stretch, and become thinner as he become bigger and bigger.  Read more

Swimming Pool Net Fitted

Remove at your own risk.

Heat Retaining Swimming Pool Solar Blanket in Summer

Swimming Towels

Heated Swimming Pool in Winter

Safety Infinity Fence

Remove at your own risk.

Deck Umbrella

Swimming Pool Brush and Net

Deck Chairs

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